JIBIKA Stands by the Poor against Calamities

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JIBIKA Stands by the Poor against Calamities

A recent initiative by JIBIKA Foundation (JBF) was undertaken to support the street have-nots with warm clothing during the cold wave around the Capital city. Under the initiative, women with infants/children and old age people were donated blankets to fight againts the odd calamities. JBF personnel would get on the streets in the dark at late night and identify the people in need and suffering from shievering cold wave. Babies and Children were found lying by the streetside making us ashamed of civilization. Plenty of food and clothes are being disposed everyday at restaurants and garments while these have-nots remain aloof from the smallest help of the Elite. Our fervant request to those who can afford few taka to spare or donate once in a while to help these people survive. We are all responsible for what they are today. JBF plans to distribute 200-500 blankets in different districts

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