Save the starving families from COVID-19

Save the starving families from COVID-19

Most of the cities of Bangladesh are in lock-down since last few weeks. This has put impoverished people of the informal sector into jeopardy and starvation. More than 10 million people are day laborers who live on daily income. These people are severely affected and at the mercy of the inadequate government stimulus and donations from the affluent. Responsible, Kind and Solvent people from all around the world are trying to help these poor to find some hope of survival during the COVID lock-down. Otherwise hunger may well kill them before COVID at all reach to them.

We, in our limited capacities, want to help 200 families with some food and cash to survive for one month. An amount BDT 2000 (Eqv of AUD 35 or USD 25 or GBP 20) can help a family of 3-4 people for 4 weeks. The estimate includes 20 kgs of rice, 10 kgs of lentil and some cash per family.

We have a team of young volunteers in Dhaka, Chittagong and Sylhet where we want to help at least 300 families altogether if not more.

Please come forward.


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adminPosted on1:32 pm - Oct 2, 2020

We could help 50+ families.

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