Treat the Children

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Treat the Children

JIBIKA wants to treat 50 street children in a restaurant/cafe/fast-food shop to gift them a splendid moment and  perhaps a lifetime experience. We want to bear all the expenses of their food and if budget allows buy them some grocery to take back home.


We will randomly select poor street children and feed them quality meal at a luxurious food shop in different areas of the city with similar budget range. A small gift hamper including rice and pulses for them to take back home will be provided too.

Estimated budget would look like:

  1. 800 taka per person for meal totaling to BDT 800×50 = 40,000
  2. 200 taka cash for each totaling to BDT 200×50=10,000
  3. 500 taka per person for grocery items totaling to BDT 500×50=25,000

Total Cost for Entire Event: 75,000 taka. If you think this is an event worth sponsoring, then please sponsor a child for only BDT 1500 USD 18. You can sponsor as many children as you want. We will stop collecting money once the total amount has been raised. If money saved, we will increase number of children.

Note: Our team / volunteers will bear their own food expense from their own pocket.

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AshiquePosted on9:46 pm - Nov 26, 2017

Sure Farhan bhai. I would like to donate 1500

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