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Sabbir survives through JIBIKA

The 12 year boy was found on the streets reselling chocolates at 10 pm in the late evening. After a short discussion it was found that his father father got married again and had left his mother with a 2 year old younger brother and himself. The boy named Sabbir Hassan claimed to have studied in Class 4 in a government school. His mother earns their livelihood by sewing clothes and taking orders for embroideries. He starts selling chocolates after he returns from school. With the earning of his mother and himself, they manage to pull off 3000 taka a month from which they may 1200-1500 taka as house rent. Rest is for their food and clothing. The boy informed that his mother was saving money for winter to buy him a flusk to start tea business as it yields better return. Knowing the fact and analyzing their current pattern of income, Jibika found that buying him a flusk and necessary itinerary would definitely help them find a sustainable income with better livelihood.